Print on demand (POD) & Dropshipping

Our full-service dropshipping platform gives you the ability to sell your ideas, designs, or merch without any expenses or storage needs. Let us do all the heavy lifting while you focus on building your awesome brand. 

+ Set your own prices
+ Choose your own designs
+ No cash investment needed or risked 
+ Top secure and easy to mannage hosting
+ Included domain or use your own

Digital Printing (DTG)

Full-color, photorealistic prints using cutting edge, DTG printers. Water-based inks & pretreatment all GOTS-certified.

We've got a warehouse full of custom-print infrastructure and have spent years refining our processes with trained professional staff. Print-On-Demand (POD and Dropshipping) means access to our award-winning printing facilities and expertise—no financial risk, staff management, or late-night crunch time. You can focus on developing an engaging business, brand, charity, or idea and we'll take care of the production and logistics.

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You have two options

House of t-shirts platform

We've got our own full-featured website builder and secure eCommerce platform that doesn't require any custom code. You can create unique products, tell your story and make sales, and our platform is 100% free.

Use our domain; e.g. or BYO; e.g. 

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shoppify Dropshipping Intergration?

Can I integrate with Shoppify or Woocormerce ?


If you sell under 1000 shirts a month, like 99% of our dropship customers we recommend a POD shop solution. 

POD shop is a kind of intern web shop not to be used by anyone other than you and not your customers.

However it works technically just like all our other webshops, just that the prices are locked at a fixed price where you can make a fair profit if we build it for you.

Or you make it yourself in oure system and take all the profit above the produkt, print and handling cost.

We use the POD shops in all our own retail stores as well as for all retailers and merchandisers that are running a rerun program, typically reordering the same styles and print every week.

Because it works perfect we got the idea that why not use it for Drop Shipping to for the many Shopify customers that need same day drop in super print quality.


Plus Side: 

You will be operational super farst, 

You don't have to prepay a deposit like whit Printify.


Only downside:

You will spend 3 minutes on each order. 1,5 hours a day by 1000 shirts a month.


Who it works !


You copy your customers order, and delivery address on your POD side, and checkout.

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